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January 25th, 2010 No comments

It has been almost three months to the day since we hauled Destiny in Sukosan, Croatia and returned to the US to spend the winter visiting family and friends, but we miss our sailing lifestyle and are eager to go back.   Our return flight is on March 25th and can’t come soon enough. 

Santa left Heikell’s Greek and Turkish Pilot Guides under our tree and we are immersed in planning the next stage of our adventure. 

Enjoyable as it has been to spend traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with family, we have realized that five months away from the boat is more than we needed to “reconnect”, and find ourselves struggling to keep boredom at bay.  In retrospect, we question whether hauling the boat for so long was really a good idea–where might we be right now if we had wintered in the Med instead?

After a New Year’s Day nearly head-on collision on an icy road in Montana totaled our van when a pickup truck skidded into our lane, we realized that we were much safer on the water than on the road.  Thankfully, we both walked away with minor injuries and a new appreciation for how fortunate we are to be healthy enough to pursue our dream of going to Greece and Turkey this year. 

A year ago today we were moored in the inner harbor of St. Barth dreaming about going to the Med.  We don’t know where we will be a year from now—but quite likely it will be on Destiny—and somewhere warm.


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