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March 28th, 2010 1 comment

Our trip began with an overnight flight from Boston to Paris and then on to Venice where we spent one night at the Antony Palace Hotel (highly recommended for convenience to the airport) before renting a car for the next leg of our travels.  When we booked our super low air fare from Venice to Boston we were not aware that renting a car to travel between Zadar and Venice (about 5 hours) would be impractical.  It can be done, but for a cost that exceeded our combined round-trip airfares. So our trip back, as coming, involves an extra night on the ferry between Italy and Croatia and an overnight in Venice.

We knew we were almost “home” when we caught our first view of the Adriatic in the lovely little beach town of Porto Garibaldi where we stopped for lunch on our drive from Venice to Ancona to meet the Jadrolinjia ferry that would take us the final step of our journey back to Croatia and Destiny.

Porto Garibaldi, IT

Porto Garibaldi, IT

We arrived in Sukosan, Croatia on an overnight ferry from Ancona, IT at 7 a.m. this morning loaded down with 175 lbs. of baggage—of which 100 lbs. is boat parts and gear that we have carried and dragged through airports and hotels, loaded and unloaded into cars and vans or onto conveyors and finally a ferry.

We are settled into a cozy unit at Apartments Ana just across from Marina Dalmacija where Destiny has been stored for the winter.  While Kent readies the boat for launch,  Carol and Jolie will do their best to stay out of his way.  From the terrace of the apartment we can watch hearty sailors already in the water and ready for Sunday races off the marina.

Sunday Sailboat Races off Sukosan

Sunday Sailboat Races off Sukosan

When cruising outside the country, a trip home means the opportunity to replenish “ship stores” including everything from 110 volt light bulbs (not available in Europe) to necessary boat parts such as filters, a new water pump for the generator, 10 lbs. of various size zincs, a radar reflector (to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared from our mast somewhere between Italy and Croatia) a new radio/microphone system, and miscellaneous odds and ends like a battery charger, magnet to retrieve metal items that inevitably fall into the bilge and a nifty mirror that allows Kent to make repairs in otherwise impossible places to view.  Add to this already heavy load, Heikell’s pilot guides for Greece and Turkey that weigh collectively nearly 10 lbs. and the necessary sundries that make Carol’s life on board tolerable—cosmetics, hair color and zip lock bags (lots of each) and it is easy to see why we have aching backs getting it all here.

We recently read the following unattributed quote which we have seriously taken to heart: 

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out and shouting “Holy smokes, what a ride!”

Well we have made it back to Croatia and the “ride” continues with more aches and pains anticipated in the next few days. 

Kent, Carol & Jolie
on the hard in Sukosan, Croatia—but not for long

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