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Mt. Hood looks equally imposing from the air

After spending a wonderful family weekend at Mt. Hood where Kent skied with his sons and 4 y/o granddaughter, EB, we left Portland International Airport about 7:30 a.m local time enroute to JFK and then boarded our 9 ½ hour non-stop flight to Istanbul. 

We arrived in Istanbul on a glorious, sunny day and breezed through baggage claim and customs.  Our driver, Niyazi, loaded us and our luggage—four large duffle bags (maxed out for weight) into his car and we were off to Marmaris—another 12 hour drive.

Heading south from Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul you have the choice of a long roundabout overland route or taking a ferry from the European to Asian sides of the Bosphorus.  So after flying for some 14 ½ hours, we were finally back on the water—on a car ferry. 

Ferry across the Bosphorus. . .

from Europe to Asia in less than an hour.

 The smell of the sea was invigorating after long hours in a stuffy airplane cabin.

We were exhausted but happy to be back in Turkey when we finally arrived at Marmaris Yacht Marina about 10 p.m. at night.  Kent went looking for Destiny, but much to his dismay it had been moved and he couldn’t find it in the dark.

By daylight Destiny is found in a sea of masts

Bright and early the next morning Destiny was located just a short distance from where we had left her and Kent began his ritual preparation for her launch.  The cover he so carefully erected before we left held up well to the violent winter winds, and once dropped down the side served double duty keeping dust confined from the bottom sanding.

One of Kent's final chores. . .remarking the anchor chain

Thanks to Kent’s hard work, Destiny was ready to launch on Friday, March 25th with her bottom freshly painted and her hull gleaming.  We couldn’t get a green bottom paint that met with my approval so “shark gray” is the new look for 2011.

Shiny hull and new bottom color

Marmaris Yacht Marina does a very professional job moving and launching boats.

Destiny on the move

First on the trailer. . .

then the travel lift. . .

and finally LAUNCH!

So here we are back in the water where work continues on the boat.  The sails have been set and Kent still has some varnish work to complete, but all in all we are ready for the summer season and feeling very much at home. 

Home again. . .on Juliet dock!

Since we have withdrawn from the EMYR our cruising plans are not yet set, but the adventure continues.

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