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SOMETHING OLD AND SOMETHING NEW. . .Parts, People and Places

We left Marmaris Yacht Marina on Easter weekend for a brief visit to the Greek island of Simi to stock up on essentials like Mt. Gay rum which can’t be found in Turkey at any price.

After a couple of days in the lovely harbor at Panormitis listening to church bells instead of call to prayers and being treated to Gregorian chanting over Easter, we hauled anchor planning to head to Datca.  Rather, we tried to haul anchor only to find that our windlass was not working.  Our chief engineer (that would be Kent) diligently took the windlass apart only to find that the main gear was totally chewed up and bronze shavings sparkled in the lubricant.  Not a good sign.

Bell Tower at Panormitis monastery

So we stayed put another night and Kent raised 100 ft. of chain and our 70 lb. anchor by hand the next morning—not an easy task.  We then made a dash directly back to Marmaris where we checked back into Marmaris Yacht Marina.  No parts were available for the Vetus windlass which meant ordering a new windlass (Lofrans, this time) from Istanbul through Marlin Marine.  Because of the configuration of our bow some modifications were needed to the new windlass which is larger and more powerful than our old one, so that took some additional time.  The Marlin technicians were amazing and very precise so the investment (another two boat units=”Bring Out Another Thousand”) was well worth it.  Not only that but it cost about a thousand dollars less than the retail cost in the U.S.

Kent oversees installation of our shiny new windlass. . .

while the techs customize the newly fabricated "chain stripper".

While Kent dealt with the windlass, I took another land tour for a day with my friend Carol on Indigo.  This time we visited Xanthos and had lunch on the ridge of one of the Seven Capes that line the southern coast of Turkey between Fethiye and Kemer. 

Pediment at Xanthos

Inscribed pillar originally 11 meters high dates to 400 B.C.

The pillar contains the longest known inscriptions in the Lycian tongue

Carvings of lions adorn tombs in the necropolis of Xanthos

Xanthos was interesting, but not as impressive as some ancient sites we have seen, but the view from the small hotel/restaurant where we had lunch was incredible.  Spending so much time at sea level we rarely get to see the coast from this perspective.

Tasty food with a panoramic view. . .

from dining deck of Yediburunlar Guest House.

Carol & Carol enjoying lunch

We finally left Marmaris Yacht Marina a second time on Friday, May 6th and are now on our way east along the southern coast of Turkey, where snow can still be seen on distant mountain tops.

Snow capped mountains to port. . .

and genneker to starboard. . .

signal a beautiful May day in Turkey.

We are still spending a lot of time with friends Jorge and Isabel on Excalibur.  They are headed to northern Cypress where they plan to base the boat for the summer and winter over.  Since we will be heading west to Ragusa, Sicily our paths will be diverging.

Destiny and Excalibur moored at Gocek Municipal Marina

We had cocktails last night moored off an island just south of Gocek with two other boats that did the 2008 Caribbean 1500—Excalibur and Imagine. 

Carib 1500 boats, Excalibur, Destiny & Imagine

Imagine, a 46 ft. Hallberg-Rassy, hailing from Chicago with Marc, Jane and their three children are completing a circumnavigation that started with the 1500.  Marc and crew just transited the pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, while Jane and the children stayed ashore due to the dangerousness of the passage. They will be heading west over the summer and will complete their circumnavigation by doing a fall Atlantic crossing back to the Caribbean.  A chance radio communication between Destiny and Excalibur alerted Imagine that we were in the vicinity and prompted the little 1500 reunion—such is the cruising life.

Caroline, Jane, Grant, Noah & Marc from Imagine with Kent, Carol & Isabel on Excalibur

The weather this time of year is glorious.  The days are mostly sunny with temperatures in the 70’s and the nights are pleasantly cool for sleeping.  We know that summer will bring scorching temperatures that send many EU residents to their land bases for the months of July and August.

We plan to be heading north by the time the scorching heat begins and hope that it will be a little more temperate than southern Turkey.  In the meantime, we have decided that spring in Turkey rivals the best summer days in New England–the water temperature is already in the mid-70’s.  Jolie agrees and is glad to be back to her favorite sailing spot.

Jolie prefers sailing to the boat yard!

Leaving the many friends we made in Marmaris is sad, but then the prospect of seeing new places makes moving on inevitable and since several boats are already under contract at Marina di Ragusa, we know we will see some familiar faces when we arrive there.  In the meantime, we are revisiting some places that we particularly enjoyed last year and are looking forward to those further east that we have yet to visit.  We are  meeting old friends along the way, and making new ones.  The adventure continues!

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