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OK, I’m not a terribly superstitious person, but Friday the 13th does make me careful not to walk under ladders and I definitely avoid black cats.  Friday, May 13th was no exception, except that we are in Turkey and the main concern is whether something will break on the boat. . .and of course the spring weather.

Leaving Fethiye the weather was threatening

As it happened the day started out uneventfully.  Nothing broke and we were off anchor without a problem heading east to a little cove called “Cold Water Bay”—that is until the scary, dark clouds on the horizon and wind on our nose prompted a change of course.

It is always preferable to be going with the wind rather than against it.

We thought we left the stormy weather behind us as we turned west. . .

The weather seemed to follow us. . .if we went east or west.

We headed to Wall Bay west of Fethiye, and arrived just before the torrential rain, lightning and thunder.

Destiny at Wall Bay

Safely anchored and tied to shore the weather blew through and we were greeted by passengers from a nearby gulet who were from Ohio and thought that Marblehead, was Marblehead, Ohio, not Massachusetts.  One in the group graduated from Bowling Green State Univeristy the year that I arrived—small world, as always.

Then as suddenly as the rain, thunder and lightning appeared. . .

it cleared through leaving behind a faint rainbow.

By sunset, the storm had passed through, the sunset was magnificent—we even saw a faint rainbow and the pink clouds of sunset reflected on the calm water.

The pink clouds reflect in calm water. . . like the storm never happened. . .

as Kent takes Jolie ashore.

What a heavenly Friday the 13th.  Hope yours was as special.

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