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August 14, 2009 One year Anniversary of “The Adventure”

Onset Sunset 8/14/08

Onset Sunset 8/14/08

One year ago today we sailed out of Marblehead Harbor as the Eastern Yacht Club cannon sounded colors and spent the first night of our travels in Onset at the end of the Cape Cod Canal. 

Since then we have sailed over 5,000 NM down the U.S. east coast, through the Caribbean and the Med.  In the past year we spent less than thirty days on shore, and are still having fun.  Some days are challenging (e.g. Kent had to rebuild the aft head today, and yesterday Jolie hopped off the passarelle and went missing for nearly thirty minutes before she was found under a table at the local ice cream shop), but in the end everyday is rewarding.  We have seen amazing sunsets, breathtaking scenery and made wonderful friends.

Aug. 14, 2009 Sunset at Marina Dalmacjia, Sukosan, Croatia

Aug. 14, 2009 Sunset at Marina Dalmacjia, Sukosan, Croatia

During the next twelve months we’ll take an extended break from the boat from November through March and spend time on land.  While we look forward to seeing family and friends, there is a nagging question of whether we will be happy in one place after being on the move. 

Destiny will be “on the hard” in Croatia, at Marina Dalmacjia in Sukosan and we will spend time in Marblehead and Missoula planning for the next chapter of our “adventure” in Greece and Turkey. 

 When we left Marblehead we said “we have a plan but not a schedule” and for the most part that has been true.  There are days that we set out intending to go to one port only to divert to another because the wind was blowing in that direction and we could sail.  Overall there was a lot more sailing in the Caribbean than the Med, but the Med experiences have been as unique as the individual towns we have visited and more than made up for the lack of wind.

The hardest thing to adjust to living on the boat is escaping the feeling that you are on an extended vacation.  We haven’t gotten past its being an “adventure” to a “lifestyle”—who knows, maybe that comes in the next year. 

We’ll keep you posted.

Carol, Kent & Jolie
Aboard S/V Destiny
Sukosan, Croatia

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