A genneker day on the Ionian

Today is the third anniversary of our sailing out of Marblehead Harbor to follow our “destiny” and we are heading to Corfu in the northern Ioanian Sea.  The gennaker is full and we are making a respectable 5 kts. on the rum line to our destination.

On the first anniversary we enjoyed a stunning sunset in Sukosan, Croatia. 

Sukosan Sunset

On the second we were anchored in a small cove in Bozburun, Turkey,  watching a peasant woman tend to her goats.

Hand feeding the goats

Three years ago yesterday we were at the Dolphin Yacht Club dock getting ready to leave.

Marblehead Harbor, August 13, 2008

 Three years later, here we are in Greece.

Destiny anchored off beach. . .

in Kiriakis, Greece, August 13, 2011

We speculated on the first anniversary that it was too early to tell if this was an “adventure” or a “lifestyle” and last year this time we still were not sure.  Having reached the three-year mark however, we have decided it is a “lifestyle”—an adventurous one that has no time limit.

Reflecting on the past three years and the thousands of miles that we have under our keel, the most amazing thing has been how exciting it continues to be.  There are days,  of course, when something breaks—yesterday it was the refrigeration for the third time in as many months—and life ashore seems tempting.  But then a full moon rises over a cliff and casts its glow on the mirror-like water, as it did last night, and you can’t imagine being anywhere else at that moment.

Our days are filled with unforgettable moments.  We have walked through history in Delphi, Delos, Ephesus and Olympia—to name a few of the many ancient sites we have visited.  We have experienced more incredible sunsets and sunrises than most people enjoy in a lifetime.  We are at one with the sea, the land, the weather and most importantly ourselves—although we have survived dragging anchors, a brief but sobering grounding, and angry seas.

When we left Turkey a couple of months ago, the many friends we made there all said “you’ll be back”.  They may be right.  Turkey was not part of the original “plan” which included the Med.  We went to Turkey because it was close by and “why not”, but stayed because its some of the best coastal cruising in the Med. 

For now we are enroute to Ragusa, Sicily and unlike last year there is no definite plan to return to the States for the winter.  We have talked about skiing in the Italian Alps, and spending Christmas in Rome. 

The longer we cruise the more indefinite the future becomes.  Yesterday we headed for the island of Paxos, but the wind said otherwise, so we sailed and spent the night in a small bay called Kiriakis on the mainland of Greece that barely warrants a mention in the cruising guide.  It was absolutely magical and we were the only boat anchored in the bay as the full moon rose last night.

Kiriakis to the Moon

We have no idea where destiny (with a small “d”) will take us on August 14th next year—depends which way the wind blows.

Here’s to another year of fair winds and following seas.

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  1. Harriett Magee/sister Datesy
    August 15th, 2011 at 00:11 | #1

    Hi Butch, Carol, & Jolie,
    You’re living many people’s dream, and I’m glad you’ve made the decision to spend the next year in the Mediterranean. But so sorry we won’t see you this winter–maybe you’ll pop over to the States after seeing Miss EB next month in Sicily and want to see more of her and Nate. They and other family members are probably the only drawback.
    Anyway, I miss you lots but know you’ve got yourselves a wonderful lifestyle, at least through 2012.
    Much love,

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