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August 31st was our 8th wedding anniversary and we spent it in style at the Cavalieri Hotel Corfu with Destiny anchored in Garitsa Bay within view from our room.  The hotel has marble floors, vaulted ceilings and is tastefully decorated with period fabrics and prints.  It became one of Corfu’s first luxury hotels in the 1960’s and is a well-maintained Grand Dame to the present.

Cavalieri Hotel Corfu was a 17th C. nobelman's mansion

When you live full-time on a boat you forego some creature comforts like air conditioning on demand and long soaks in a bathtub.  In fact, water and energy consumption are constant concerns–mostly for Kent who nags me about turning out lights and using too much water to wash dishes. 

What I wanted for our anniversary was 24 hours on land where I didn’t have to worry about running out of water or leaving a light on, and could bask in air conditioned comfort. 

Our friends Martin and Sandy on S/V Mystique were anchored nearby to dog sit for Jolie and keep a watchful eye on Destiny. 

Martin & Sandy offered to keep the Princess

Of course, Kent’s requirement was a room that would give him a view of the boat–the Cavalieri filled the bill nicely since its 4th and 5th floor rooms overlook the bay.

View of Destiny and Mystique from Room 54

The garden restaurant on the 6th floor terrace of the Cavalieri Hotel has one of the best views in Corfu Town.  You look down on the Victorian bandstand on the large park and have an amazing view of the Venetian fort. 

The roof deck overlooks the Spianada or "Great Square" with bandstand

After seeing the view and reviewing the menu, I knew we wouldn’t have to leave the hotel to have a memorable dinner.

We arrived just after sunset

As we sat sipping prosecco swallows nosily soared overhead like children playing tag and the sky turned pink, then inky blue as lights came on throughout the town and cast the fort in a soft yellow glow.

From our table we watched ferries passing the fort. . .

and the 1840 Chapel of Agios Georgios bathed in light.

So this anniversary was particularly special.  I had a lovely marble bathroom with a deep old-fashioned tub that I could stretch out in.  I took so many baths, that Kent thought I would shrivel up.  The air conditioning sang to me all day and night and I watched enough CNN to not miss television again for a few months.  Oh yes, and had Kent’s undivided attention (which I usually share with Jolie and Destiny) for 24 hours.  Perfect!

To another year of adventures!

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