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As much as we love being in the Med, we envy our European cruising friends who are just hours and a time zone away from family and friends who regularly visit them. In prior years, my mother who turned 85 in July has visited us—first in the Caribbean, then in Italy and Greece in consecutive years. Every year we go further east and the trip becomes longer—sadly, too long for her to visit this year.

The blog is our way of sharing our adventure with family and friends, but we much prefer to have them on board to see first hand why we love what we’re doing. We were very excited when Kent’s son, Spencer, wife Molly and granddaughter Elizabeth (affectionately called EB) were able to meet us on the Amalfi coast this fall as part of a whirlwind trip to Europe.

EB told everyone she met that she was "four and three quarters". . .is she cute or what!

Spencer had sailed on Destiny on our shakedown cruise for the Marblehead to Halifax Race in June, 2007, along with brother Ty, but Molly and Elizabeth had never been on board.  Working our tempermental vacuflush head was one of the challenges they faced.  Both were troopers, however, when it came to adapting to life on the water–“one hand for you, and one for the boat” was a frequently heard refrain throughout their visit.

Seeing Amalfi, Positano and Capri through fresh eyes, including those of a soon-to-be five year-old made revisiting these places a totally new experience.   We did more swimming, explored caves and played games–being a kid is fun.

There was a lot of energy on Destiny generated by a curious, active child and her equally active parents.  Days started early for EB who dragged one of her parents to the beach for a swim or to search for sea glass.

EB loved jumping off the boat. . .

and collecting sea glass at the beach in Amalfi.

Then about the time that Grampy and I were getting up they were back for breakfast.   Active kids eat all the time.  We no more than finished breakfast than she was ready for a mid-morning snack.

Clean bowl!

EB befriended Julio who runs the dock in Amalfi. . .we think she had a crush on him.  Can’t say that I blame her. . .he is kinda cute!

Julio took EB fishing in his dinghy. . .

and caught the only fish of the trip. . .if you look closely you can see it.

Along with the fun, like kayaking,  there were boat chores.

EB went kayaking with her Mom off Positano. . .

and swabbed decks with her Dad.

In Capri we anchored at Marina Piccolo on the south coast, where there are numerous caves to explore–fun for adults and kids. 

EB and Grampy went exploring in caves. . .

and took the dinghy through a cave to this hidden beach in Capri.

EB liked Capri's caves.

When Grampy went to check the anchor, EB wanted to see how it was done.  She’ll be a fine sailor one day, according to Grampy.

Thumbs up means its perfect!

There was occasional “quiet time”. . .but it didn’t last long.

Quiet time for a computer game. . .

or drawing pictures in her vacation journal.

There was too much to see and do—like taking the helm.

EB liked to take the wheel. . .with the help of the autopilot. . .

and just hang out on the bow.

Toward the end of their stay we had early birthday celebrations for EB and Grampy, with birthday melon on “topsy-turvy” day.

Italian birthday candles. . .

a HELLO KITTY t-shirt from Capri. . .

and sparklers topped off the birthday celebration.

And then the week was over, and for a few days after they left, Destiny felt like the life had been sucked out of the air. It was too quiet. . .there was no luggage to step over or crayons to pick up.  And no giggles from an adorable kid.

Ah, but the memories we made are worth the sadness that accompanies saying “goodbye” when the time comes. We had planned to stay in Sicily and winter on the boat. Now I’m not so sure we can forgo returning to the States for a “family fix’. There is something comforting about being in the same hemisphere as my Mom, Kent’s children and especially EB and grandson Nate.

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  1. Linda
    October 31st, 2011 at 20:47 | #1

    Hello Carol, I just received my International Living magazine (Nov 2011) in the mail today and truly enjoyed reading the article about you and your husband’s adventure / lifestyle on Destiny. My own family has future plans to move to Spain and live a different lifestyle than the one we currently live in the States. We have a Pearson 365 that we would like to transport to Spain, but need to research what kind of cost that would entail. How did you decide on which transportation company to use to ship Destiny to Italy? What is the cost based on? Give or take how much did it cost to ship the Destiny to Italy? I would appreciate any advice you may have based your past experiences. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Linda T.

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