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October 8, 2013 was Kent’s birthday and unlike last year which was spent off a little beach on the island of Mallorca in the Spanish Mediterranean this birthday was notable for finalizing the sale of DESTINY.

The birthday boy. . .October 8, 2012

The birthday boy. . .October 8, 2012

They say that the two happiest days in a sailor’s life are when he buys a boat and when he sells it.  In this case, it was bittersweet since we have decided not only to sell DESTINY but that our future “destiny” is land-based.

So we have “swallowed the anchor” and are becoming “dirt dwellers”.  Friends who have gone before us in making this transition are good role models.  There is “life after cruising”–although we haven’t ruled out “land cruising” at some point.

Kent has some trouble leaving his "baby"

Kent has some trouble leaving his “baby”

Just days before the DESTINY sale was completed we also sold the condo that has been our land base in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  We are now making our US base in Missoula, Montana where we have owned property for the past several years.

We are planning to spend several months in Panama this winter exploring the country and looking for a winter home.  Summers will be spent in the “Big Sky” country of Montana where Kent hopes that he will have more luck at fly fishing than he did at ocean fishing.

DESTINY was a wonderful boat that took us to places we never imagined we would go.  Now our destiny takes another turn, but the ADVENTURE continues.  We will miss all our sailing friends but can’t wait to see where we will be next year on Kent’s birthday.

The adventure continues!

The adventure continues!

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