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Last night we had a magical experience at anchor in a small cove on the southeast coast of Cres.  The day had started in Rab with continuing thunderstorms and torrential rain that began overnight, but by noon we were sailing under sunny blue skies dotted with wispy clouds.

Clouds over Cove

Clouds over Cove

When darkness settled over our anchorage the water was like a mill pond and we were the only boat for miles around.

Calm as a Mill Pond at Dusk

Calm as a Mill Pond at Dusk

When we emerged from the cabin after dinner we were greeted with a light show the likes of which we have never experienced. 

We were so far removed from any ambient light that the sky was pitch black in a moonless sky and lit by literally millions of stars—and the ubiquitous space station which as followed our travels from a distance for thousands of miles.

The Milky Way was so dense it looked like a trail of smoke across the sky, and the constellations—at least the ones we recognized—popped out of the sky.

The most amazing thing though was intersection between the black sky and the equally black water surrounding us.  The stars twinkled not only in the sky, but the water was so calm and mirror like that they twinkled in the water all around the boat.

Our unforgettable starry, starry night couldn’t be captured in a picture but will live in our memories forever.

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