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The Adventure Continues. . we’re off to the Med

Greetings from Jolly Harbor Marina in Antigua where DESTINY is “on the hard” for routine maintenance and bottom painting—the attached picture shows why.


We have wrestled with the best and most comfortable way to make our dream of sailing the Mediterranean this summer a reality.  The choices were to sail across leaving from Bermuda in late May to early June and arriving in the Azores two weeks later, with another two weeks at least to arrive in France OR ship the boat from the Caribbean and have that month in the Med.   Leaving from Bermuda meant first moving the boat nearly 1,000 miles from its current location before starting the Atlantic passage. The first estimates on shipping were astronomical, but within the last week with a departure date of April 10th from St. Thomas fast approaching everything came together and we have a transport contract that will have us in Genoa, Italy by April 23rd.


Needless to say there is a lot to do to ready the boat for shipment, but not nearly as much as would be required preparing it for a North Atlantic crossing.  In the final analysis, the shipping cost was only marginally greater than we estimated for the Atlantic crossing when additional equipment, not to mention risk to the boat, was considered.  No boat crosses the Atlantic without some cost to equipment, rigging, etc.  While Kent would have enjoyed sailing across, he agreed that shipping was the most cost effective solution.


In the past two months we have spent extended time in St. Martin and St.Bart, including Carnival with Kent’s sister, Laurie and niece Ariel.  While moored in Anse de Columbier Bay we saw the Maltese Falcon under full sail—an amazing sight.


We arrived in Antigua on March 9th after an overnight passage from St. Bart accompanied by Mike and Jane Eslinger.  Mike was part of our crew on the Caribbean 1500 and he and Jane own a Bristol 45.5 identical to ours.  We spent several days in English Harbor and then joined by friends Ann & Dudley Welch spent several enjoyable days exploring other parts of Antigua, including Jolly Harbor, Indian Creek (a tiny inlet overlooked by Eric Clapton’s palatial house) and Hermitage Bay among others.  There have been the usual spectacular sunsets and rainbows, and a few more of the latter than previously.  From reports of the North American winter, we can’t complain about rain and our guests all confirmed that rain or not it was nice to be here and not at home.


As soon as the boat work is completed—hopefully in the next couple days we will be leaving Antigua for St. Thomas with a stop in St. Bart or St. Martin.  It will take us two overnight passages to make the complete trip to St. Thomas—with Jolie standing all watches and Kent and I doing 2 hr. shifts through the night.  In the meantime, we are praying for no rain until the varnish work is complete and we are back in the water.  For the present we are living on the boat on dry land with all the comforts of home except for air conditioning.


We will be flying to Boston on Saturday, April 11th and leave for Genoa on the evening of April 21st. Hope to see friends in the Boston area while we are there, and Kent hopes to make a quick trip to Portland, OR to meet his new grandson, Nathaniel.  One of the downsides of our adventure is not being present for other important occasions.  We appreciate how understanding our families are.



To say that we are excited is an understatement.  Traveling through the Med on Destiny has been our dream from the beginning with the Caribbean being a logical jumping off point to test our commitment to go further.  The following quote from William Jennings Bryan pretty much sums up our adventure:


“Destiny is no matter of chance.  It is a matter of choice.  It is not a thing to be waited for it is a thing to be achieved.”


We weren’t thinking of this quote when we named the boat “Destiny” but it certainly sums up why we are here and where we are going.  Look forward to sharing more of the adventure with you.



Carol, Kent & Jolie


On the hard in Jolly Harbor, Antigua

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