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January 19th, 2012 No comments

      Now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, we are settled into our cozy apartment in Missoula, Montana, monitoring the weather on two continents and once again wondering “what were we thinking” when we decided to spend the winter months in chilly Montana.

      Although having a traditional “White Christmas” with family was wonderful, the New Year brought a weather pattern that included balmy temperatures (40 and approaching 50 F.) and not enough mountain snow for good skiing. . .that is, until 48 hours ago.

     A fierce Pacific storm came barreling down from the NW depositing record snowfall in Seattle and Portland, and burying Missoula in 15 inches of new snow. 

Our mailbox tells the story. . .fluffy snow, no wind.

     Just days ago the mountains surrounding Missoula were golden brown against the bright blue winter sky—not the usual winter landscape.

Mountains surrounding Missoula have been bare

     Now we are living in a winter wonderland.

The mountains are now covered with snow. . .

and icy mountain streams meander through the frosty landscape.

      Missoulians are a hearty bunch, and quite accustomed to dealing with snow.  Nothing keeps them inside.

Whether a solitary stroll through the snow. . .

clearing the sidewalks with man's best friend. . .

picnic, anyone?

     The good news is the great skiing.  Kent skiied in two feet of powder at the local mountain, aptly called “Snow Bowl” yesterday and assuming that the sun comes out in the next couple days I will hit the slopes too.  For now, I’ll enjoy the scenery and try to stay warm.

Enough snow already!

     Destiny is secure in her winter home of Marina di Ragusa where the temperature is approaching 60 F. and with any luck our cruising compatriots are enjoying sunshine while we wallow in snow.

      In a mere 42 days Kent will be on his way back to Sicily and Jolie and I will follow two weeks later.  Truth be told, we can’t wait to get back.

Jolie is ready to be "sea dog" again instead of "snow dog"

      We are planning to head west this summer and be in the warm waters of the Caribbean this time next year.  Places to see and things to do. . .that is what the adventure is all about.  It promises to be a good year.